If it's my first time, should I arrive early?

Yes!  You MUST arrive 15 minutes early so the instructor can set you up with a heart rate monitor and go over basic rowing form. If you do not arrive at least 15 minutes early you may be asked to reschedule.

How do the memberships work?

You have the option to purchase class packs or an auto-pay membership.

Please read our Pricing and Policies for more info.

Where should I park?

Two hour parking can be found throughout Marietta Square.  The parking lot across the street from Be Yoga is also a two hour public parking lot except when church events are happening.

Does American Row House have showers?

We do not have showers or changing rooms so it is best to come ready to workout.  However, if necessary the restroom is available for a quick change of clothing, but be sure to arrive early to allow enough time to do so.  We do have chilled eucalyptus towels to help with your post workout cool-down before you grab a complimentary organic coffee to start your day!

I signed up for a class, but I need to cancel, what is the cancellation policy?

Please allow 6 hours for cancellations to avoid a full class charge or loss of credit. When cancelling within 6 hours, please use the “Late Cancel” function to allow other clients to sign up for class. By doing this you will avoid the “No Show/No Cancel” fee. Clients with Unlimited memberships are subject to a $15 cancellation fee for all late cancels and no-shows.

Do I need to bring my own water?

A water bottle… yes… but your own water… no!  We actually prefer you bring an empty water bottle and fill it up using our ultra purified Avalon Water filtration system.  Staying hydrated is extremely important and Avalon water is the highest quality filtered water available.

Why does American Row House use heart rate monitors?

We want to ensure that each member is getting the best fitness experience possible… period.  That means using the latest and greatest technology in the fitness industry.  These monitors are connected to a program that allows you to monitor your effort during your workout which leads to better results and a happier you.  This technology also tracks your stats such as calories burned and total points awarded for your workout in your very own personal fitness log online.

Is there anyone who shouldn't be rowing?

Not really!  Because rowing is low-impact and non-weight bearing, it is safe for virtually everyone. Whether you’re 8 or 80 you can row.  We also have modifications for all of our Total Body exercises, so individuals of all ages, genders, and fitness levels can participate in our workouts and get great results!