Can we get real for a minute and can I ask you a serious question???

When will you FINALLY BE READY to take your HEALTH and the way you LOOK and FEEL seriously?

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What I'm really trying to say is when are you going to make your nutrition and fitness more of a priority in your life?  That means working out and eating healthy more than just when it's convenient.  I'm talking about giving yourself a goal and not quitting until you make that goal happen!

A goal like...

Losing 10, 15, 20+ pounds!

Fitting into your old jeans or clothing!

Losing your belly fat!

Getting the flat stomach or 6-pack you've always wanted!

Boosting your energy levels back to where they used to be!

If you are waiting for New Year's to make a resolution to get healthy in 2018, you may want to think twice!  Over 80% of people who make a New Year's resolution fail before the first week of February!  However, just because over 80% of people fail that doesn't mean you will be one of those people!  Here is how you can avoid being another New Year's resolution statistic...

If you can commit to working hard for the next 12-weeks and follow the 90-Day Rapid Fat Loss Transformation Challenge, you can make any one of those above goals happen!

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How does the challenge work?

The challenge focuses on THREE PILLARS to ensure you see a TRANSFORMATION and not just results!

Pillar I. - FITNESS

You will follow the Rapid Fat Loss Training Guide which is a cutting edge workout program that maximizes your fat burning and muscle building results.  The workouts can be done in the ARH studio or at home with a few sets of dumbbells and resistance bands.  Each workout is paired with a video for proper form and a pre-programmed interval timer to make working out simple and convenient.  While the studio workouts will maximize your results by also using the rower to melt fat, you do not need a rower to participate in the challenge.

The challenge is broken down into three distinct phases:

Week 1-4: Phase I. "Rapid Fat Loss"
Week 5-8: Phase II. "Building Lean Muscle"
Week 9-12: Phase III. "Creating Massive Transformation"


You will follow the Rapid Fat Loss 10-Step Nutrition Guide that will teach you how to radically transform your health by eliminating inflammation, maximizing your body's ability to burn fat and build lean muscle while teaching you how to enjoy eating healthy!  You will receive the Carb Cycling Meal Plan Blueprint which will teach you exactly how to use low-carb and high-carb days to keep your body adapting and maximize your fat burning ability.  You will also receive the Recipe Guide with over 35 healthy meals, snacks, and dessert recipes with easy to follow cooking instructions!  You will learn how to be efficient in the kitchen and create the perfect meal plan for you and your busy schedule.  No more counting calories or starvation diets!


Access to the 90-Day Rapid Fat Loss Transformation Challenge private Facebook group where you will meet people just like you ready to take action and transform their lives!  This group is exactly what you will need to help you stay accountable throughout the challenge and where you can ask me any questions you have about the challenge, the workouts, the nutrition guide, or virtually anything health and fitness related!

Challenge Price $$$

Rapid Fat Loss Training Guide $150.00
10-Step Nutrition Guide Action Plan $150.00
Meal Plan Blueprint $100.00
Meal Plan Recipe Guide $50.00
Personalized Accountability Group $50.00

Entire Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is worth...


But I want this to be affordable for everyone because I believe everyone deserves a chance to see results and transform their life and that's why I lowered the cost to...


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